Choosing a Healthcare Career Becoming a Healthcare Professional Authored by Jane John-Nwankwo RN, MSN

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As the owner of two healthcare educational institutions, I often come in contact with anxiety-filled faces of individuals who really would like to become healthcare professionals but do not know which career to choose. I have seen many cases of individuals switching from one course to another and later settling for the third course where they think they have found their nitch. In one case, I had a student who wanted to draw blood but fainted during the introductory video on phlebotomy. She turned blue and passed out because she saw blood in the TV! I advised her to change her course. This book has been written as an informational material for individuals choosing to start with the entry level healthcare courses. I purposely left out the more advanced courses. A couple of entry-level healthcare courses such as the Nurse Assistant, Home Health Aide, EKG Technician, and more have been explained in this book to aid the prospective healthcare professional in making an informed choice while considering their personal strengths and weaknesses. It is best to have a career that gives one fulfillment, not just a job to pay one's bills.

Publication Date: Apr 30 2013
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