Surgical Technologist Certifying Exam Study Guide Authored by Mary Smith RN, MSN

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What you will learn from this book: The surgical technologist responsibilities, The preparation of supplies and instruments, Preparation of the operating room suite , Transporting and transferring the patient , Performing urinary catheterization , Transferring the patient to the operating room table, Surgical skin preparation & draping , Drug administration, The operating room team , Receiving nurse , The scrub nurse/assistant, Anesthesia care provider , Circulator , The operating room , Safety, Patient transport and transfer , Positioning, Operating table , Positioning techniques , Surgical preparation , Preoperative patient preparation, Possible risks of surgical skin prepping , Patient draping, Infection control, Skin prepping to control the spread of infections, Pyogenic bacterial infections, Mycobacterial infections, Viruses , Blood borne pathogens, Viral hepatitis , Handwashing , Decontamination, disinfection & sterilization, Disinfection , Sterilization , Wrapping products for sterilization , Decontamination, Anesthesia , Instrumentation , Instrument function, Vascular instruments, Cushing forceps , Debakey forceps , Cooley vascular clamp, Potts-smith scissors , Right-angle forceps, Jeweler's forceps , Surgical tray set up , Cardiothorasic tray , Orthopaedic tray , Catheters , Tips , Sutures , Laser surgery and electrosurgery , Laser hazards , Protection Electrosurgery , SuppliesSurgical procedures, Plastic and reconstructive surgery terms , Gynelogical and obstetrical surgery , Pediatric surgery , Opthalmic surgery, Otorhinolaryngologic, oral, and maxillofacial surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery , Surgical meds and dyes , Iv fluid and irrigating solutions , Drugs that cause constriction or constraction of tissue , Anti-infections drugs , Hemolytic drugs, Coagulants, Drugs commonly used in cardiac and respiratory failure, Diuretics, Basic medical terminology and abbreviations , practice exams.

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