How to Make Money Writing Authored by Jane John-Nwankwo RN,MSN Edition: Revised Edition

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An example of a business that one can start from home is writing. I am writing this book lying down on my bed with my computer tilted on my laps for balance. If I sell 50 copies of this book a month and make a profit of $2.78c on each book, that would be $139 a month from one book without my sweating about it because I only wrote the book once, but the sales continue month after month. Remember, I have written many books and I am still writing. So, let's say that in total, I sell 1,000 copies of all my books combined, with $2.78 profit on each copy every month (and I do make up to $10 per book on some), you do the math of how much my work at home job could give me every month. In the writing business, I do not need a receptionist or an office to rent. I just need my computer, my brain and self-discipline. 
Publication Date:Dec 22 2014
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